massluminosityProbably at least once in your life you’ve heard about giveaways that you can enter by following the right people or browsing the right web page, in fact, it is not difficult to find Facebook pages, and other social media communities that organize contests where participants have the chance to win prizes.

One of the biggest and most respected social media organizations on this endeavor is definitely Mass Luminosity!
The company has many followers from all over the world, and their giveaways and promotions are worldwide.
Once the winners are selected, their names (and country of origin) are published on Mass Luminosity’s Facebook page and Twitter account for everyone to see.

If you’re thinking that winning is impossible or that they are most likely a scam, I’m here to disprove this!
I’ve participated on many of Mass Luminosity’s giveaways and I always hoped to win!
Guess what? Just a few days ago, I found my name on the winners list!

Thanks to this lucky win I had the opportunity to personally chat with Angel Munoz, Founder and CEO of Mass Luminosity, and we thought it would be a great idea to do a short interview for The Nerd Magazine.

We are very excited to present to you this one-on-one chat with Angel Munoz, who quickly is becoming a powerful leader for gamers and technology enthusiasts worldwide.

1) A lot of people know Mass Luminosity for the epic giveaways, but what exactly is Mass Luminosity?

“Mass Luminosity is one of the fastest growing social media communities creating powerful
experiences for gamers worldwide. We encourage gamers and technology lovers from every
continent in the world to bond with a purpose, immerse in their power to discuss and share with
each other, discover and create their own playground around thrilling challenges, purpose and
At Mass Luminosity our goal is to bridge the gap between corporations and consumers in a way
that is fun and engaging. We do this by leveraging popular social and interactive media
channels. Through consistent and relevant interactions with our audience we continue to attract
a growing community of gamers and technology enthusiasts worldwide.”

2) How was the concept of giveaways initiated? And, why?

“Mass Luminosity was born out of my disenchantment with electronic sports, an industry that I
helped pioneer. The problem, as I saw it, was that gamers from all over the world would spend
hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars attending those events mostly to be defeated by the same
handful of well financed teams. I realized that there was no clear way for us to mitigate loser
fatigue, and that the entire industry was dependent on younger gamers replacing those that
eventually became disillusioned.

With Mass Luminosity I inverted that model by leveraging the more expansive reach of social
media, creating an exciting environment that companies would want to sponsor, but with the
clear distinction that now anyone (anywhere) could win epic prizes instead of just an elite few.
To make it even more compelling to our audience, we carefully analyzed how everyone else did
promotions, and made ours easier to enter, laser-focused on our niche market and completely
transparent to all participants.”

3) What are the daily business activities of Mass Luminosity?

“The daily business of Mass Luminosity is primarily focused on managing our growing
community, creating engaging promotions, designing software solutions that make the
experiences we offer more compelling, and partnering with forward-thinking companies that can
help support our growth and provide our fans with the absolute best hardware and software
We also find ourselves constantly analyzing our own thinking, so that we can remain relevant to
our audience and find better and more exciting ways to do the things we already do well.”

4) How many people work for Mass Luminosity?

“We are a small group of twelve like-minded people, driven by the obsessive mindset that we
can do things better than most, and that we can have fun doing it.”

5) What is Gaming Tribe?

gt-square-logo-thumb“Gaming Tribe first was conceived when I realized that it was senseless to ask our fans for their personal information every time they entered a giveaway. Gaming Tribe was initially launched as a centralized authentication system, but then we started adding features and realized that having nearly 100,000 members we could evolve it to become a gamer-focused social media platform. We are currently working on adding a messaging and friending system, and public profiles.”

6) Are there any future projects for Gaming Tribe? What can we expect?

“One of the recent developments for Gaming Tribe is an API (application programming interface)
that authenticates our members without sharing their personal information. This opens a wide
range of opportunities for us, as we can now provide Gaming Tribe credentials outside of our
ecosystem without compromising the privacy of our members. A few weeks ago we launched a
Facebook beta for the GT Giveaway App to help us test the reliability our new API
authentication protocol. About 24,000 people joined the test, and after working through a few
server and software issues we are now confident that the app is ready for a large scale launch.
We also recently completed the development of a desktop notification system that uses our API,
and are very happy with the performance and features.
Next on our list is a mobile notification system, and then a game-changing project that could
help blend promotions and entertainment in a way that’s never been done before. These are
very exciting times for Mass Luminosity and we’re confident that our global community will reap
many benefits from our new developments and promotions.”

So, what are you waiting for?
Just in a few second you can easly enter on the latest Epic Mass Luminosity’s Giveaway using their new Gametribe facebook app!
Good luck everyone! 😉